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This grave in the West End of Ashton is that of a policeman killed during the Chartist uprisings of the 19th century, and of his widow.  To view a PDF document giving more information, click this link (opens in a new Tab/Window).

Isaac Watt Boulton

This massive boulder, or bowlder as its inscription says, is in St Peter’s churchyard in the West End of Ashton.

For information on its inscription and a bit of background information, click on this link (opens a PDF document in a new Tab/Window).

Hartshead Pike

This is the start of repair work on Hartshead Pike, following bits of masonry having fallen from it.

The tower will be scaffolded and the top section removed - upwards from where the man’s feet are. The base of the tower will then be capped and the top section replaced next spring.

For more information on Hartshead Pike, click on the picture.

This picture - mill owner and workers - sums up Tameside council to a T. Instead of having the Mayor shaking hands with the lads, he’s shown with a litter-picker in his hands, as if anyone picking litter would turn up in their best Sunday clothes wearing a gold chain.

Assuming the Mayor is paid for having his picture taken but doing nowt in the way of picking up litter, why should Mr & Mrs Bloggs join in litter picks?

As usual, a council with minimum engagement skills and hardly any talent for getting people ‘on-side’.